For My Non-Indonesian friends. I rarely write in English. But he’re some of them, and looking forward to write more in English.

INKtober Day 3 – Collect

I have this thing about books. No, not the kind of books you would find in the library. I collect blank books. Note book, sketch book, any types, any size, mostly classic style. My favourite so far is a 500

INKtober Day 2- Noisy

Guess this one is pretty self explanatory :p Drew this at the waiting room in the hospital and I really took my time with the details.

INKtober Day 1- Fast!

His name is Dimas Kanjeng Taat Pribadi. To some, he’s a famous religious figure in East Java, Indonesia. To me, he’s a no good cult leader. Recently he was taken in by the police for alleged murder and scam. You see,

What’s New: SEPTEMBER 2016

  29/09 – October is just around the corner. Time to prepare for another INKTober. Its an annual challenge initiated by the artist Jake Parker inviting everyone to draw in ink everyday during the month of October and sharing them

Another Journey…

I’ve been doing sketching mostly at home or during a moment where I can focus on it. However I’ve always wanted to do live sketching on the spot. So I always carry my sketch book and pen everyday. However, I

What’s New: AUGUST 2016

27/08 – [New Blog Post] PASPOR BEKASI – Bekasi itu saking jauhnya, kalau untuk ke sana kita harus punya paspor. Kurang lebih begitu ejekan yang sering terdengar. Di tangan mereka yang kreatif, ejekan itu benar-benar jadi kenyataan. Inilah jawaban terhadap meme Bekasi

What’s New: JULY 2016

18/07 – The Name’s Bond. PokeBond! – “It’s possible that Pokemon Go could be used by foreign intelligence to map vital objects/ facilities in Indonesia” said Indonesia’s Defense Minister. So Indonesia intelligence body has formed a team to look into potential threats of

Morning Sketch

A morning sketch somewhere in Anyer, the western tip of Java. I need to practice more on my live sketching..