A collection of sketches I did in my spare time. Sketching for me is a great way to clear my mind after a long and tiring day. Enjoy..


Been staying at the hospital to take care of my daughter. She’s now discharged, thank God.

Hail To The Chief

Emperor Trump and his f***ing wall.  *note: Finally got to try Apple Pencil with iPad Pro 9.7. Drew this using the Tayasui Sketches app. I have the feeling I’m falling in love again with Apple. 🙂

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

I’ve always been a big fan of the 1980’s sitcom, Cheers and even dreamt of visiting the friendly bar. In the mean time I’m quite happy with my own version of Cheers just near our home which I regularly visit for

At The Coffee Shop

Sketching at a street side coffee shop while waiting to catch up with some old friends.. Drew this using Tayasui Sketches Pro app on my iPad mini and a cheap stylus. Now really considering getting an Apple Pencil  (..and off

Point of View

There is no truth, only points of view 🙂

“Tua di Jalan”: Sketches of a Jakarta Commuter

Just published my second Steller story. It was recycled from my 2014 Inktober sketches about being a commuter. Check it out. If you can’t see the image below, click here instead.


The prompt for #inktober day 10 is “JUMP”. That’s exactly what I feel like doing every time I’m on a tall building or cliff or any high places.


“Broken” is the prompt for #Inktober day 9. Just a reminder to reduce my coffee consumption. Have been drinking wayyy too much lately..