February 2017

  • 22/02 –  Dapat pemberitahuan dari iTunes kalau Suarane Podcast sudah di approve dan sekarang sudah bisa diakses di iTunes. Karena banyak aplikasi podcast lain yang juga narik dari iTunes, maka sekarang juga sudah ada di aplikasi seperti Podcast Addict untuk Android. Yay!!
  • 22/02 – Baru update lagi. So many things happened the past few days.
  • 13/02 – Akhirnya, podcast perdana suarane kembali muncul, bertepatan dengan Hari Radio Sedunia atau World Radio Day 2017. Bisa diunduh atau didengarkan di Soundcloud atau di YouTube. Enjoy..
  • 04/02 – This could be the first vlog of its kind by a head of a nation. CMIIW.
    Presiden Jokowi nge-vlog sendiri dari ajang Piala Presiden 2017. Cool! Cuma kurang panjang, Pak!
  • 03/02Testing Indonesian Military MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) – Youtuber “CrazyRusianHacker” mencicipi MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) alias ransum lapangan Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI). Lucu melihat reaksi mereka.
  • 01/02 – Finally decided to invest on the iPad Pro 9.7 along with its Apple Pencil instead of a MacBook which I have actually been eyeing for quite a while. Reason being, I think the iPad Pro is more useful for my work and play 🙂 I have purchased hundreds of apps during the past few years and so I can still use them. Also I still have my Magic Keyboard which I bought a few years back for my old iPad. So I don’t have to spent more for the expensive Smart Keyboard which is very cool but very expensive. BTW, here’s a picture I created using my favourite drawing app, Tayasui Sketches. I’ve been using the pro version of the app with a cheap stylus. Now with the Apple Pencil, it works even better.
  • 01/02 – Welcoming February! Officially left the place I worked for the past 2 years 7 months. Taking a break for a while before embarking on another journey. On another note, can’t wait to launch my new podcast this month. 


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