INKtober Day 1- Fast!

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His name is Dimas Kanjeng Taat Pribadi. To some, he’s a famous religious figure in East Java, Indonesia. To me, he’s a no good cult leader. Recently he was taken in by the police for alleged murder and scam. You see, this guy claimed to be able to multiply money. So he took advantage of people who wants fast cash by asking them to provide quite an amount of money which he promised to multiply which proved to be a scam! What surprised me is, there are so many Indonesian public figures who believed in his ability. I personally know at least two of them. More surprising, the head of his so-called foundation is a well known academician, a PhD degree holder from the US. She even swore that she had seen him multiplying money. Hmm.. Check out this video to see him in action and decide for yourself whether he’s the real deal or just another scammer!

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