Blog: The Happy Indonesian Policeman

picture-3b.jpgA recent report on Indonesia’s News Portal created quite a stir among the Indonesian police officials. It all began when two Canadian Tourists riding a motorcycle in Bali was stopped by a police officer. One of them managed to record the whole thing on his video recorder and then posted it on Youtube, dated October 24th, 2007.

Somehow, Detik’s journalist found out about the video and tried to confirm it with the Chief Public Relations Officer of The Indonesian Police Headquarters, Inspector General Sisno Adiwinoto.

“Pictures can be manipulated,” he answered. Mr. Adiwinoto suspected that whoever posted the pictures must have a certain intention to discredit Indonesia’s tourism. “Balinese are so aware that tourism is important for them, and they believe in Karma,” he added.

Mr. Adiwinoto also regretted the two Canadians for not being “a good foreigner” and reported the whole incident.

“If we found any bad police, we will hang him if necessary,” he said.

Well, Pak Sisno must have learn a lot from Mr. Roy Suryo whom at many occasions helped the Police in any IT related crime cases. But perhaps, sir, you can start by finding out who was the smiling officer on the video, right?

Here’s a transcript of the dialogue between the two Canadians (C) and the police officer (P). (I just love the officers effort to speak English)

(P): Where’re you from?

(C): Canada..

(P): Wah Kanada (laugh-wonder what’s so funny)

(C): Yeah, long way..

(P): Until when your stay finish?

(C): Two days

(P): Two days more?

(C): Yeah, we leave the day after tomorrow. 29th.

(The officer stood for a moment and mumbles in Balinese to someone else..)

(P): Where you stay, sir?

(C): Agung Villa in Seminyak

(P): You no driving license?

(C): Off course I have driving license. It’s not with me.

(P): Where?

(C): At hotel

(P): The big or small? (showing a blue card). Why you not bring? (laugh-still don’t understand why)

(C): I’m not very smart uh? Not very smart.

(P): (Laugh again-gosh he’s full of laughter)

(P): Okay, now we give you two options ya. The first, because you not bring, in Indonesian law traffic you must be prenalize ya. Because you not bring, you broken traffic law. We give you two option. The first you pay fine. Alone you pay fine there, in Denpasar. And the second..

(C): I pay fine here

(P): Yeaah.. Because me warning tomorrow you bring. Otherwise, many-many accident, tourist.

(C): Understand the problem..

(P): Sir, because any accident not good for you.

(C): No.. no. Sure.. sure..

(P): Many accident, the tourist and local people boom.. (gesturing a crash -or something- with his clinched fist). Identitiy not. Just identity motor cycle. Where? Me call, where? (gesturing a phone call) Tourist people identity not..

(C): No idea. Understand understand

(P): I warning, because tomorrow you bring, ya. (I think he was referring to the license)

(C): Okay.. okay..

(P): Now you pay fine there or here?

(C): Pay here..

(P): In Denpasar not good for you because you entry for the justice again

(C): Yeah, no problem. I live in Vietnam. I pay many fines in Vietnam..

(P): (laugh-again?) Okay.. okay.. Now you pay fine here, I help you, just 50 thousand..

(C): I got it.. I got it..

(P): Tomorrow you bring ya… (the license)

(C): I’m not very smart, uh? I don’t think..

(P): Many many tourist forget maybe..

(C): Uluwatu? Just straight? (the other canadian asked for direction)

(P): Seven.. Seven.. (accepting the money)

(C): Seven minutes..

(P): Yeah

(C): and so if I go Uluwatu and come back is it no problem?

(P): Come back just one way.. (laugh-gosh he’s a joker)

(C): Tomorrow I bring, uh?

(P): Okay, and tomorrow you bring ya

(C): Okay, thank you sir..

(P): Thank you (politely opening door for the two guys)

picture-4b.jpgThey went out, climbed on the motorcycle, asked for direction, and off they go. The guy on the back then took a shot of himself saying :

“That was Indonesian justice..”

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