Blog: Warm As A Chicken’s Shit!

Almost a month ago, I was so eager to write in English that I decided to open another wordpress blog account (it’s my fifth one, BTW). I’ve even listed down several topics which I’m quite sure would be an interest to my english reader. But, so much for eagerness. The last time I updated this blog was almost a month ago.

No.. no.. I’m not complaining here. I just want to introduce you to a famous Indonesian proverb: “Hangat-hangat Tahi (Tai) Ayam” or literally translated as “Warm as a chicken’s shit!

If you have ever stepped on a fresh from the ‘oven’ chicken shit, or better yet experienced a crazy chicken whom out of the blue suddenly decided to turn your head into it’s personal toilet, then you would easily understand the proverb.

I’ve experience both and I can tell you that a fresh chicken’s shit felt very warm, but just for a short while. After that it turns cold and smelly..

So when you start something full of eagerness and ends up the opposite, then your action would be called “Hangat-hangat tai ayam!”.


There you go! An addition to the knowledge of a famous Indonesian proverb …

... along with a very good example, which is me and this blog hahaha..

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