Blog: We Need More Senior Bloggers

“Why only now?” That’s what my dad use to say everytime I showed him how everyone can actually self publish through blogging. Luckily he didn’t give me the “I’m too old for this” thing. He actually went on and creates his own blog no matter how difficult it is to him. His notebook is filled with step by step instruction on how to publish his writing on the blog. He even contributes quite regularly to a citizen journalism website in Makassar Indonesia and now also eyeing to take part as a citizen journalist in ohmynews international.

My dad is 60 over. He is still quite active and travels a lot around Indonesia as well as other part of the world as part of his work. If he can do it, so can many other seniors his age or even more. There are so many senior bloggers out there. According to Boing-boing, the oldest blogger in the world is 92 years old Donald Crowdis from Canada, but others believe that Olive Riley from Australia is much older as she is 107. Olive actually does not blog directly. She has an assistant to do it based on her story. But 80 years old Peter or well known as geriatric1927 did it himself. He’s probably the oldest vlogger on you tube.

Well actually no matter how old they are, the blogosphere needs more senior bloggers. We need them for their vast experience and wisdom. Something we really lack nowadays. Don’t you think so?

In the blogosphere, it’s never too old to blog. So what are you waiting for, grandpa? 🙂

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