What’s New: OCTOBER 2016

  • 30/10 – Well, October is not my month after all 🙂 So many things unexpected happened. Personally its very very challenging! Oh, well..
  • 30/10 – Couldn’t complete my InkTober challenge this year. So many things happened and took so many energy and attention.
  • 17/10 – Sabtu kemarin tanggal 15/10 saya mengisi materi lokakarya Podcast untuk Pecinta Buku. Ini cerita lengkapnya dan ini hasil podcast para peserta.
  • 16/10 – Visual Interaktif Kompas menurunkan laporan lengkap tentang.. get ready for this.. JKT 48 For Beginners! Hoi! Hoi! Hoi!!!! Ini keren banget!
  • 12/10  – Test! Something is wrong with wordpress the past few days. Couldn’t publish anything. Lets see if this works
  • 09/10 – Birthday to me is just another day passing, another leave leaving its branch 🙂 But thank you for all the nice wishes. Appreciate it.
  • 02/10 – My INKtober Day 2 drawing. Official prompt: “NOISY” and I guess the drawing is pretty self explanatory. :p
  • 01/10 – So, here’s my first 2016 INKtober drawing. The official prompt is “FAST” and the word immediately reminded me of Dimas Kanjeng Taat Pribadi! Check out my drawing here and also on Instagram to know who the hell is this guy!
  • 01/10 – Started my INKtober challenge today. Unfortunately I have been staying at the hospital taking care of my daughter, and did not bring my sketchbook and drawing tools. But that’s not a problem! I simply went to the nearest convenience store, bought some A4 paper, a 2.0 mm mechanical pencil and a Snowman marker! Ready to take the challenge. Let’s do this! Will be uploading all my INKtober drawing on Instagram as well as this website.
  • 01/10 – October is my month! 🙂  Hopefully this one will be a good month!


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